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Advanced Illumination

Landscape Fountain Maintenance & Service Contractor

Serving Houston, The Woodlands & Spring, Texas (TX)

Landscape Fountain Maintenance

Advanced Illumination

Landscape Fountain Maintenance


Adding to your, Houston, TX area, landscape with a beautiful water feature, a fountain or “Fountainscape” is an easy, cost-effective way, to add a sense of calm and tranquility to your landscape. However, just like most things in life, this requires you to properly clean and maintain your outdoor landscape water fountain, ensuring its long-lasting appeal and quality.  When choosing one of the numerous stylish outdoor water fountains in The Woodlands, Kingwood, Spring & surrounding areas of Texas, be sure to consider how much landscape fountain maintenance will be required depending on your fountain of choice.

Advanced Illuminations of TX can give you all the required advice on how to properly clean it, what products you need to use, and more. If doing all of this is too much for you, Contact Us because we provide a wide array of fountain design & installation services, and we also maintain them also. Don’t forget about lighting also! Not only do we install Landscape Lighting, but we also install LED underwater lighting to enhance your fountainscape at night!


Houston Fountain Maintenance Tips


Here are some tips to help you understand what to do, or what we can do for you, at Advanced Illuminations Of TX, when it comes to performing landscape fountain maintenance on your Houston, The Woodlands, Spring, Texas area fountainscape, or backyard fountain feature:


-Keep the pump submerged in water. Occasionally you’ll need to add water to your fountain. Splash & Evaporation are two issues to stay on top of. Your pump seals will dry out and crack if your pump is not submerged. Ultimately requiring a new pump.

-Clean your pump regularly. Cleaning the pump should be done every so often, or obviously when your fountain stops working. 

-Wipe down the fountain. Wiping down the fountain, if possible, is another crucial step that will prevent buildups. To do this, you’ll need to turn off the fountain, clean the bowl or outside, with a non-abrasive cloth, or scrub it with a mild cleaner and non-abrasive brush. 

-Remove the algae. If your fountain is exposed to direct sunlight, there’s a great chance it will eventually become overgrown with algae. To avoid this, make sure to clean your fountain with an approved algae remover.  

If doing all of this is too much for you, Contact Us for help with your fountain.

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