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All Aquatics

Farm Pond, Retention Basin, Algae & Duckweed, Maintenance & Control Contractors

Serving Dallas, South Lake, West Lake, Keller, North Texas (TX) areas

Large Pond & Lake Management

All Aquatics

Large Pond & Lake Management


Farm Pond & Lake Service

Farm Pond & Lake management in the Allen, Plano, North Texas (TX) area can be confusing. Often stories are heard about how Home Owner Association & private farm pond owners are searching for a solution to their unhealthy ponds that are filled with algae or annoying unsightly duckweed.

Various products can be purchased online for consumers to just "Dump or pour" in their ponds as a quick fix, try at your own risk without killing your fish. Trial and error is the norm for most large farm pond owners who do it themselves. Getting it right the first time is All Aquatics' difference for the budget minded person hiring a professional who knows that to do it absolutely right can be an expensive proposition if attempted by trial and error.

All Aquatics, serving Allen, Plano, and North Texas (TX) areas, offer a diverse array of large pond services that can create, improve, and maintain your favorite body of water. From the life within your pond to the amenities surrounding it, we can help you optimize your enjoyment. Some of our services include controlling aquatic weeds, designing ponds, managing fisheries, stocking fish, on-site consultations, designing & installing aeration systems, fountain sales & service, mapping, improving pond aesthetics, stabilizing shorelines, creating habitat, and building custom docks. We also keep an extensive inventory of aquatic plant herbicides and other pond management supplies.


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Retention/Detention Ponds

Are you a North Texas (TX) homeowner, with a storm-water pond on your property? Maybe you are an H.O.A Manager with a problematic detention/retention basin to take care of? Do you need help maintaining your problem child, or have questions on how to do this? Proper pond maintenance is very critical and helps in the prevention of many problems that may arise from having a poorly maintained storm-water pond. Wildlife habitat destruction causes, in some cases, flooding and erosion in unplanned locations. These are issues that may occur due to a lack of maintenance. Often times this damage cannot be reversed, especially if natural bodies of water are present in close proximity.

Some maintenance services provided by All Aquatics, such as sediment removal or checking on the stability of the outlet pipe, bring to light the need for regularly scheduled pond maintenance. Sediment builds up in a pond over time and needs to be removed to ensure the pond has enough storage capacity for stormwater and to control and limit the amount of sediment that gets stirred up during rain events. The overflow or outlet in a pond is installed to meet certain controlled discharge volumes of water. Erosion and vegetation growth around the outlet or breakdown of the overflow pipe structure needs immediate repair to allow the pond to release water at the designated rate. Failure to do so in a timely manner will most likely lead to major structural damage and in turn, need a major overhaul.


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​Algae & Duckweed Control

Algae and Duckweed multiply rapidly... almost right in front of your eyes! It can seemingly infest and overtake a small pond almost overnight....or a quiet lake in a matter of days. Algae & Duckweed can be a major problem for homeowners, HOA's, or any large pond management scenario, due to their ability to turn an otherwise beautiful pond into an unappealing mess. Luckily, controlling and maintaining algae or duckweed in ponds can be very simple. We recommend a trusted Herbicide - that is easy to use and will eliminate duckweed from your pond. There are many on the market to use, so do your research to find the best solution, or have us at All Aquatics, serving Dallas, Keller, Plano, North Texas (TX) areas, give you some ideas on what we can do to help your current pond duckweed or algae issues.


Unlike algae, that grows rapidly due to excess nutrients in your pond, duckweed is commonly spread by birds flying between multiple ponds with the tiny plants clinging to their feathers. Duckweed is very evasive and given enough nitrogen and nutrients, it is possible for a new duckweed plant to be produced every 24 hours. This means that in just a few weeks, a single parent plant can result in almost 20,000 plants! At least the plants are small!
Extensive, what look like mats of, duckweed colonies may cover an entire pond surface, starving and reducing oxygen levels and blocking natural sunlight. Fish and underwater vegetation can be killed off. Because of this destruction, duckweed infestation often contributes to poor pond health. Duckweed can tolerate a wide range of pH, between 4.5 and 7.5, as well as temperatures between 65F and 85F, making duckweed a challenging aquatic plant management issue during the summer months in all places around the globe.


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