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Aquatic Edge

Large Natural Farm Pond & Lake Management & Repair Contractors

Serving Pittsburgh, Greensburg, Monroeville, Pennsylvania & surrounding areas


Large Pond & Lake Management

Aquatic Edge

Large Pond & Lake Management


If you're looking for help with your Pittsburgh, Greensburg & Monroeville, Pennsylvania (PA) area farm/irrigation pond, water feature, maintenance or repair, you're in the right spot. Aquatic Edge is a Certified Aquascape Contractor and has the experience needed to help you with whatever maintenance or services needed to keep your farm pond, lake or large irrigation ponds running, and looking it's best all season.


Natural Farm Pond Management

The key to a low-maintenance Pittsburg, Greensburg, Monroeville, PA area Natural earthen bottom or farm pond is to keep your pond in the balance! Regardless of which type of natural pond/lake you own or manage, if you live in our service areas of Pennsylvania, we'll help guide you to the best way to maintain it, with the least amount of work on your part, or we can handle the management of your pond for you.

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Farm Pond Aeration & Fountains

There are a variety of pond aeration & fountain systems on the market, including diffused pond aerators that consist of an air bubbler or diffuser that generates and disperses oxygen bubbles into the bottom of the pond up to the top.  As well as a wide variety of fountain aerators to fit almost any budget.  A high volume surface aerator is actually a floating pump that rapidly mixes the water and collects air molecules and rapidly adds them to the water. 

Pond & Lake Aeration
Pond And Lake fountains
Aquatic Bog Filtration


Vegetation & Herbicides

Aquatic plants, growing in farm style or natural earthen bottom ponds and lakes, are beneficial for fish and wildlife, as well as helping to stabilize banks and shore lines of overflow slopes and edges. Herbicides and other applicants work by targeting a specific component of the plant's makeup or biology, and either poisoning it, or altering that specific function of the plant so that it can no longer survive.


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Dam, Overflow, & Edge Repair

Standpipes, siphons, and overflows need to be regularly monitored to avoid clogging which can cause flooding and damage to your pond’s integrity. Outlet structures on most Pittsburgh, Greensburg, Monroeville, Pennsylvania area ponds, are built to keep the water surface in the pond at its optimum level and to be able to drain the pond for maintenance.


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