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Aquatic Features Inc.

Aquatic Plants

Serving Austin, TX and Surrounding South Texas Areas

Aquatic-Pond Plants

Aquatic Features Inc.

Aquatic Pond Plants


Let Aquatic Features take care of finding and managing your pond's nutrient balance so that water quality plants and algae are no longer a problem. We take an integrated approach that includes: aeration, water circulation, beneficial microbes and chemical amendments.


Aquatic weeds and algae are a naturally occurring part of a pond ecosystem. The amount of growth is a function of water depth, water clarity, and nutrient levels. Fortunately, there are a variety of management tools that can be used to control unwanted growth. Contact Us and let us assess the needs of your San Marcos, Round Rock, South Texas (TX) area pond.


Aquatic plants are beneficial in preventing erosion, in the Austin, South Texas (TX) area, and they filter excess nutrients from stormwater runoff. Aquatic plantings are required by law by TCEQ and City governments for water quality ponds in certain cities.  Contact Us at Aquatic Features and we can help you use aquatic plants to improve the health of your pond or lake.

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