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Aquatic Features Inc.

Detention Pond Management Services

Serving Austin TX and Surrounding South Texas Areas

Detention Pond Management Services

Aquatic Features Inc.

Detention Pond Management Services


Detention Pond Maintenance

A well-maintained water quality pond, in the Austin, Travis County, Texas (TX) area, is more attractive and capable of performing the intended purpose of flood reduction and water quality protection. A maintenance program will reduce the need to rebuild a water quality pond that has failed and will reduce the risk of fines for non-compliance with government regulations.


Regular inspections are extremely important to ensure that storm-water ponds function properly. As well as looking unattractive, trash and debris clog the controls. Accumulated sediment and excessive plant growth can create pooling and prevent water from flowing correctly through the pond. Early detection can prevent more serious problems that could be very expensive to repair. In general, water quality pond elements should be inspected at least monthly and after rainfall events.​


Contact Us at Aquatic Features Inc. and we can help you understand why detention pond maintenance is so important.


Types of Water Quality Ponds

Sedimentation/Sand Filtration: This water quality pond has a sedimentation basin that captures large sediment and debris before storm-water moves to the filtration basin for additional removal of fine sediment and nutrients.


Rain Gardens/Bio-filtration: This water quality pond is a depressed garden designed to catch, infiltrate, and treat storm-water runoff through plant uptake of pollutants such as excess fertilizer and residue from automobile contaminants.


Filtration Only: This water quality pond has a sand basin that filters stormwater before reaching a network of perforated pipes that drain the water back into the environment/adjacent stream beds. 

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