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Aquatic Features Inc.

Retention Pond Management Services

Serving Austin, TX and Surrounding South Texas Areas

Retention Pond Management Services

Aquatic Features Inc.

Retention Pond Management Services


Retention Ponds


At Aquatic Features, Inc., we manage ponds to be balanced, so that they can protect our water supply, be visually pleasing, and support fish and wildlife in the Austin, South Texas (TX) surrounding area.

Regular maintenance keeps aquatic plants and algae at a balanced level, while inflow and outflow structures and bank erosion are monitored. Unsightly trash needs to be picked up in the pond and sediment levels monitored.


When ponds need to be balanced, our biologists select the best method of treatment based on the target problem, the current seasonal conditions, and government regulations that dictate chemical amendment applications. We at Aquatic Features, are TDA Licensed Commercial Applicators in Aquatic Pest Control. We prepare and provide our clients with all permits regarding algaecide and herbicide applications. Contact Us today with any questions you may have, or help that you need in San Marcos, Round Rock, TX and surrounding South Texas areas.


Water Quality Ponds

Many commercial and neighborhood parks in the Austin, South Texas (TX) surrounding area, contain ponds that are not managed properly due to residents or staff not knowing the purpose of the water quality pond, and how it should function. Understanding this, and the common problems associated with a water quality pond will help owners manage issues like nutrient pollution and excessive algae growth.


The most important component of community pond management is education. Communication is fundamental when establishing a pond management program.  Every pond is a little different in its properties and the expectations of residents should be defined accordingly. There are instances where inherent design flaws, (such as ponds being built too shallow) or physical changes over time (sedimentation or erosion) can make ponds very difficult to maintain.​ Aquatic Features, Inc. can help you get started with this today.

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