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Aquatic Management Plus

Lake & Large Pond Management Services

Serving Palatka, Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Gainesville & Daytona Beach, Florida (FL) Surrounding Areas

Lake & Pond Management

Pond Management Services


Pond management is a broad term that has many different facets that work in tandem to achieve common goals. There are many different types of ponds including private, stormwater, commercial, golf course, spring-fed, wildlife, recreational, and more. They all have different functions, designs, and owners, with their own specific expectations and budgets. However, with the multitude of techniques to manage a pond, how do you decide? That’s where a professional management company comes in!


It all starts with an on-site pond consultation. Aquatic Management Plus, LLC is a full service lake and pond management company helping pond owners in Palatka, Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Gainesville, Florida (FL) and surrounding areas.


We pride ourselves on customer service and realize the unique nature of your waterbody when developing and executing a plan. Unlike many companies in this industry who send out unexperienced and/or unqualified individuals, each visit to your property is performed by a full-time degreed biologist.  You can be sure you’re receiving cutting-edge management solutions, since our biologists regularly attend industry specific conferences and workshops to stay in-tune with current management techniques and technologies.


​Pond & Lake Nutrient Reduction


Nutrient Reduction is usually the key!


Nutrient reduction is one of the more important aspects to pond management, especially for stormwater ponds. Phoslock is a patented phosphorus locking product that forms a layer on the pond bottom that continues to bind phosphorus released from the sediment. Eutrosorb F is a filter bag designed to intercept soluble reactive phosphorus from moving water, perfect for inflow points. Eutrosorb  WC is a liquid product that strips existing phosphorus from the water column. Finally, Pond logs are polymer bricks that are attached above diffuser plumes, under pond fountains, or below waterfalls and culverts to reduce phosphorus and suspended sediment.


No matter the type of pond management you are looking for, Aquatic Management Plus, LLC has you covered in Palatka, Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Gainesville, Florida (FL) and surrounding areas.

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