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Brothers Water Gardens

Pond & Water Feature Leak Detection Services

Serving League City, Friendswood, Webster, & Surrounding Areas Of Galveston County, TX

Pond-Leak Detection

Brothers Water Gardens

Pond-Leak Detection


Finding a leak in a pond can be a daunting task for someone without a great deal of experience. We know how to fix a pond leak.


Brothers Water Gardens in Texas City, TX, services Friendswood, League City and the surrounding areas of Galveston County, TX surrounding areas, and uses a fairly consistent troubleshooting methodology to narrow down the source of your leak as quickly as possible.


We start with the most likely suspects, such as leaky plumbing connections, skimmer and filter leaks, and improperly formed waterfalls. And especially around the edges of your pond.


Your safety concerns about loose rocks that have fallen in your pond may create holes when they land on the bottom, or dirt back-filled around low liner edges might have settled with time.


Waterfall & Stream Leaks Are The Most Common Leak Issues


Having a leak in the waterfall, or area of your stream/waterfalls is one of the most common leak spots for any water feature. Newly built waterfalls will settle over time, thus in some cases lowering liner edges allowing water to exit your pond at the waterfall. Depending on how your stream or waterfalls are built will depend on the cost to disassemble and rebuild them. In some cases, holes in your liner can be repaired quickly and relatively easily. But be aware — finding holes can be like looking for a needle in a haystack! Rocks, boulders, and gravel need to be moved or removed, cleaned, inspected and returned back to their original spots. Sometimes it’s just plain expensive to inspect your pond leak inch by inch. Be prepared to consider having it rebuilt from the start of our meeting. Contact us to learn more! We are a Texas based Certified Aquascape Contractor.

Holes In Your Liner Can Be Repaired If We Can Find Them!


If the leak is not visibly found in the waterfall/stream areas, and we've ruled everything else out – odds are, you've got a hole in your liner. As we mentioned above, finding this hole is a gamble against time and money!


Contractors like us, that consistently repair leaky water features (Especially Ponds), will tell you... that when they are shut down for the winter, the cute little chipmunks that bounce around your garden will eventually find their way in between the now dry rocks in your waterfalls and streams.


The only way to find these holes is to narrow down the areas where you see them most. If you don't know, the only way to find it is to start taking apart the pond or waterfalls to hopefully find the source of the leak, SO KEEP AN EYE ON THEM!

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