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In Our Experience, It Can Cost Up To 60% More To "Band-Aid" Pond Problems, Vs. Rebuild or Renovate Them When First Diagnosed.


Delco Ponds & Waterfalls serving the Media, Middleton, Delaware County, Pennsylvania area knows that a leak in your pond liner can be a big problem for you and your aquatic life as it could potentially drain all or most of the water leaving very little space for them to survive. A pond leak can be hard to find and the first thing we always advise is to top off the pond and then turn off all pond equipment including pumps and or water feature filters. Leave it overnight and check the next morning before you contact us. If the level of the water has dropped then you know for sure it's a liner leak rather than leaking pipes or filtration unit


Our team at Delco Ponds & Waterfalls has chased them all. Sometimes without end.....
These experiences have added up to thousands of wasted dollars by people who are trying to cost effectively fix their pond issues with Bandaids. ​We're not saying they can't be found, but it can be a monumental task depending on the size of the pond or water feature, and the size or amount of rocks and boulders needed to be moved . We just want you to keep that in mind.



Most Older Ponds Will Need A Renovation Sooner Or Later

Sometimes a poorly-built, poorly-equipped, or poorly-maintained pond may suffer from any number of potential problems, including leaks, persistent algae, excessive debris, unpleasant water smell, and/or unhealthy conditions for plants or fish. In these conditions, it may be best to request an estimate on a “complete renovation” of your pond. We can identify what remedies will best suit your needs. We’ll change your pond into an elegant work of art. Contact us to schedule an estimate for a pond renovating.