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Edge's Aquatic Services

Fisheries Management & Fish Stocking

Serving Savannah, Macon & Valdosta-Georgia (GA) Area

Pond Fish Management & Stocking

Edge's Aquatic Services

Pond Fish Stocking Service


Fish stocking decisions should be based on your objectives, and the level of pond management you expect to use for your Pond or Lake in Macon, Savannah, Georgia and surrounding areas. Many options exist. Sterile grass carp can be extremely effective aquatic weed and algae control tools. Many people enjoy bass stocked into private ponds for trophy fishing or to control overcrowded small fish. Golden Shiners are excellent forage for predatory fish. Consult with one of our staff biologists for a quality stocking recommendation.


If you’re building a new pond, or currently have a balanced population, several steps can be taken to avoid problems. DO NOT add additional wild fish or fish from someone else’s pond. Wild fish from streams or other ponds may not be genetically pure and may carry diseases or parasites. Remember, you want a fish balance, which will allow you to achieve your objectives for the pond. The fish you stock is a long-term investment. Don’t make a mistake that could haunt you for years; stock fingerlings from a reputable source, like Edge's Aquatic Services, serving Savannah, Macon, Valdosta, Georgia & surrounding areas.


Electrofishing Surveys


Electrofishing is the most scientifically advanced method of analyzing fish populations in freshwater lakes. Performing a fish survey provides a fisheries professional with an accurate and safe means to sample a fishery population. This specialized equipment sends pulses of direct current into the water. This procedure stuns the fish that are swimming in the electrical field around the boat. We can then collect, weigh and measure large numbers of fish without harming them. This data provides us with important information including population density, species diversity, fish health, and Relative Weight. Water quality information, habitat, and depth surveys can also be collected at the same time. These factors are all used to create a customized pond management strategy.


Fish Habitats


A Savannah, Macon, Valdosta, GA area, pond with the right amount of structure provides more fishing enjoyment than a structure-less fishing pond. Structures placed in the right locations are fish magnets that dramatically increase fishing success. Fishery habitat improvements can also result in larger fish when done properly. A bass has to eat 10 lbs of fish in order to gain one pound. Small 1-inch bluegill generally weighs 5 lbs per 1,000 fish thus the bass would have to eat 2,000 bluegills to gain one pound. Adding dense cover will allow the young bluegill to survive and grow for an additional month or more. In just one month, bluegill can quickly grow to 20 lbs per 1,000 fish so now a bass only has to eat 500 bluegills to gain a pound. This means much less energy is expanded allowing energy for growth. This is a simplified example but indicates how protecting the small bluegill is essential for good bass growth.

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