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Johnson Lake Management

Pond & Lake Maintenance Service Contractors

Serving San Antonio, Austin & Bandera, Texas (TX)

Large Pond & Lake Management

Johnson Lake Management

Large Pond & Lake Management

Onsite Pond Evaluation / Consultation


Proper pond management practices should always start with an assessment and inspection of the current conditions in the pond. We provide pond assessment services for San Marcos, San Antonio, Austin, Texas (TX) and surrounding areas.


Pond Objectives

An important first step in assessing your pond is to determine the primary objectives for your pond and understand the limitations this will place on other uses. Ponds are frequently used in several ways to satisfy more than one objective. For example, having water available in the pond for rainwater retention may satisfy one objective without interfering or conflicting with other objectives such as swimming or fishing. Multiple use ponds are fine, as long as the uses are compatible. When conflicting or incompatible uses are desired, it is necessary to assign priorities to the owner's objectives.


The Pond Watershed and Sources of Water

Many pond uses and management strategies will require an understanding of the pond watershed and sources of water. The pond watershed includes the area of land surrounding the pond that contributes water to it. Identifying the pond watershed is important because anything that occurs within this area can impact the pond. Locating a pond in an undisturbed area or minimizing disturbance and land use changes within the pond watershed are important components of protecting a pond.


Pond Muck / Sediment

A common problem among older ponds is sedimentation. Depending on the source of water, ponds may fill up over time with sediment. As sediment fills in the pond, growth of aquatic plants and algae will generally increase, due to increased sunlight penetrating the shallower water.


Water Quality

A pond assessment should include routine testing of the pond water quality. Water tests are helpful to document existing problems and to monitor for important changes in water quality. The parameters that should be tested in your pond will depend on your intended uses for the pond. 


Aquatic Plants and Algae

Identifying and inventorying the aquatic plants and algae growing in the pond during the summer is valuable to determine the existing health of the pond and potential problems in the future. 


Fisheries Management

Assessment of existing fisheries in the pond is important for future management decisions regarding stocking, harvest, and habitat requirements.​


Preventive Pond Maintenance Plans


A pond in the San Marcos, San Antonio, Texas (TX) area, is just like your lawn. It needs routine maintenance or it will require expensive renovation.

Entering into a full service maintenance agreement with us is easy and cost effective. With it we simply do everything necessary throughout the year to achieve your objectives, including a detailed report after each maintenance visit. 

We are in the unique position of being able to “do it all”: stock and increase growth of pond fish, install and maintain fountains, control vegetation and manage water quality for productivity and attractiveness. During our visits we monitor developing conditions so corrective action can be taken early to prevent expensive problems from developing later.

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Corrective (As-Needed) Maintenance 


Don’t need an annual maintenance agreement? We provide all of our services on an as-needed basis. 

Water Quality Analysis & Enhancement
Aquatic Vegetation & Algae Management
Fisheries Management
Fountain / Aeration Sales, Installation & Repairs
Construction and Repairs
Dredging & Muck Control

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