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Johnson Lake Management

Pond & Lake Mapping Contractors

Serving San Antonio, Austin & Bandera, Texas (TX)

Pond & Lake Mapping

Johnson Lake Management

Pond & Lake Mapping


Pond and Lake Mapping gives a full picture of your San Marcos, San Antonio, Austin, Texas (TX) area pond. The depth, size, and construction of your pond can determine which fish and plants will thrive best in your ecosystem. Johnson Lake Management offers this service in order to get your pond or lake sorted out from the beginning. With this done we can help you figure out how to go forward with achieving the best pond or lake for you.


Using advanced depth finders and GPS we can give you an accurate map of your pond or lake and take a survey of the fish in your pond to gauge the next steps for your pond.

In addition to selecting compatible fish and plants for the San Marcos, Texas (TX) area, these lake maps can be used for sedimentation (Muck) control, volume calculation, recreation maps, habitat and ecology management, watershed management, and fishing maps.

​There are many reasons why Pond Mapping is very beneficial for your pond,
Contact Us today at Johnson Lake Management to see how you can take advantage of these many benefits!


Pond Mapping & Muck Management


Sediment and pond muck can build up on the bottom of your pond, flooding your pond with an overabundance of nitrates that feed into your weed and algae problems and create an unhealthy environment for fish. Pond mapping can help to identify problem areas that may need to be dredged. If you live in the San Marcos, San Antonio, Austin, Texas (TX) area contact us for help with identifying your issues using Pond Mapping.

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