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Find a local pond-fountain maintenance contractors in North Carolina to service your pond service needs


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Pondscapes of Charlotte

Certified Aquascape Pond Contractor, Designer, Builder & Installer Services

Serving Charlotte & Piedmont, North Carolina (NC)

Pondscapes of Charlotte is a local and nationally award winning pond and water feature builder/installer, that has specialized in pond maintenance and water feature installations for over 15 years. The company is proud to be a Master Certified Aquascape Contractor and won Water Garden Contractor of the Year in 2016. We use Aquascape products for all our installations. 

Pondscapes of Charlotte serves southern Piedmont & northern South Carolina areas. We believe there is a strong affinity between rock and water and creating a successful partnership between these two elements is one of the most challenging, yet rewarding, tasks we embrace in water feature design and construction. 

At Pondscapes of Charlotte, we have assembled a unique and talented team of highly trained individuals who love what they do and have a passion for creating these features in every type of space, from small city rooftops to large country gardens.


Liquid Landscapes Inc

Pond & Water Feature Installation, Maintenance, Repair & Renovations  

Serving Asheville & Hendersonville, North Carolina (NC)

Liquid Landscapes Inc

Pond & Water Feature Installation, Maintenance, Repair & Renovations In The Asheville & Hendersonville, North Carolina (NC) area


Founded in 2003, by Benjamin Timmermans, Liquid Landscapes, Inc. has consistently focused on the needs of residential and commercial customers in the Asheville and surrounding Western North Carolina area.

Beginning with waterscape design and build services (ponds, waterfalls, water gardens, fountains & more,) Liquid Landscapes has evolved to a full service landscape company, with the highest standards of quality and workmanship. Many companies provide components of landscaping services. Granted, some of these companies do a reasonable job on a project basis, but it’s just a task and then they move on to the next task. It’s not their objective, or their lifeblood, to envision your landscape at its full potential, to increase the value of your property, or to develop a long-term relationship with you as a client. Although you may invest in a costly project, they may not be around the next time you call them. Liquid Landscapes, Inc. is different…and it’s that single reason we are still here today. We are in the business for the long haul, offering a full range of services and landscaping products to a client base that values quality work and professionalism.

We envision each project as a blank canvas that beckons to be transformed into art, sculpted with nature. We also offer a full line on pond maintenance services. Like, pond cleaning, pond and waterfall leak detection, repair & renovation. As well as seasonal issues like algae control


Pond Maintenance can be an overwhelming task for North Carolina (NC) area pond & fountain owners. A professionally built pond, waterfall or fountain is designed to be low maintenance. However, as with many things in your landcape they are not "Maintenance Free". Therefore, having a professionally qulaified contractor to help you with your pond maintenance is crucial. Some customers only need help with their pond maintenance a couple times a year with a Spring Pond Cleaning and Fall Pond netting / trimming plants. While others like having a pond professional come by every couple of weeks to keep things flowing.

Then there are those times when you develop a Pond Leak or it's time to renovate your pond or Waterfalls.   

No matter what your pond maintenance needs are, our North Carolina (NC) Pond-Fountain Maintenance & Leak Repair Services Network Members are passionate about helping their customers clean & maintain their ponds and water features. Additionally, Our member Pond Maintenance companies are are the most qualified companies in the industry when it comes to trouble shooting Pond & Water Feature issues & leaks.

Spring Pond Cleaning & Maintenance Services, Pond Renovations, Pond Leak Repairs, Skimmer and other filtration repair and replacements are Just some of the services our member companies offer to North Carolina (NC) pond & water feature owners. Their professionalism and belief in customer service combined with an unbridled passion for Water Features and Ponds allows them to assist their customers with virtually any fish pond or backyard water feature issue imaginable. 

Use this page to find local North Carolina (NC) contractors for your pond maintenance & leak repair needs.

If you are having trouple finding a contractor in your area try searching our North Carolina (NC) Pond Contractor Locator. 


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north carolina State Information

North Carolina is bordered by South Carolina on the south, Georgia on the southwest, Tennessee on the west, Virginia on the north, and the Atlantic Ocean on the east. The United States Census Bureau places North Carolina in the South Atlantic division of the southern region.[50]

North Carolina consists of three main geographic regions: the Atlantic coastal plain, occupying the eastern portion of the state; the central Piedmont region, and the mountain region in the west, which is part of the Appalachian Mountains. The coastal plain consists of more specifically-defined areas known as the Outer Banks, a string of sandy, narrow barrier islands separated from the mainland by sounds or inlets, including Albemarle Sound and Pamlico Sound, the native home of the venus flytrap, and the inner coastal plain, where longleaf pine trees are native.

So many ships have been lost off Cape Hatteras that the area is known as the "Graveyard of the Atlantic"; more than a thousand ships have sunk in these waters since records began in 1526. The most famous of these is the Queen Anne's Revenge (flagship of the pirate Blackbeard), which went aground in Beaufort Inlet in 1718.[51]

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Graham, NC

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