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Phoenix Water Designs

Pond, Water Feature & Fountain Spring Cleaning Services Contractor

Serving Walnutport, Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania (PA) 

Pond & Water Feature Spring Cleaning


Days lengthen, songbirds sing, temperatures begin to warm, and Spring is upon us for another year. Phoenix Water Designs provides complete pond cleaning and opening activities in the Walnutport, Lehigh Valley, PA areas.  Those activities, undertaken now, will help to ensure that the ecosystem of your pond remains in balance and your pond will look great and require minimal maintenance throughout the summer. Pond cleaning is an essential step in achieving this.  

These activities begin when the temperature of the water is 50-55 degrees, first we remove the pond netting put in place in Fall, to keep leaves from falling to the bottom and decaying into thick sludge. Any fish you have in the pond are stressed from the winter and you need to provide them with much-needed relief.


It’s time to clean and turn on your pond equipment, test your water quality and add any required water treatments, to ensure your ecosystem is in balance and your fish are safe, and make a visual inspection to find and repair any leaks that may have developed. You want to be careful about what, and how much, you feed your fish now.  There are different foods for the different seasons and temperatures, and the wrong food at the wrong time will stress your fish still more, instead of revitalizing them. We will provide you with detailed written instructions to care for your fish and your water quality when we are out to open and clean your pond. When the water temperature is holding at 65-70 degrees it’s time to proceed with full cleaning and maintenance activities. To schedule a free consultation and estimate please fill out our contact form, or call or text us at 484-547-9913.

Fully Insured and Licensed HICPA #PA163501


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