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Phoenix Water Designs

Pond & Water Feature Repair & Leak Detection Services Contractor

Serving Walnutport, Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania (PA)

Pond Repair & Leak Detection


Like every other mechanical thing we own, your pond, fountain or pondfree waterfall needs regular maintenance and will eventually require repair or renovation. Phoenix Water Designs can provide pond repair, pond renovation and pond maintenance in the Walnutport, Lehigh Valley, PA areas.  

How will you know if your water feature requires either maintenance, repair, or renovation? Here are some signs. Assuming your water feature is built and maintained properly, a light cleaning in Spring & Fall will include an inspection that will identify any required or impending repair issues. If your pond was built or maintained incorrectly, a major cleaning and inspection will identify any necessary repairs, or whether a renovation will increase the efficiency of your ecosystem and fish health and will reduce future maintenance activities and costs. Contact us today to learn more about our repair and renovation services.

Parts that might require repair or replacement include pumps, aerators, skimmers, new filters for the bio-falls, UV bulb replacement, heaters, leaks, punctured liners or cracked plumbing. Speaking of cracked plumbing…if your plumbing looks like spaghetti, you might really want to consider a renovation. The benefit of renovation is better water flow, water quality, and healthier fish. New technologies have smaller, more efficient pumps and you may be able to reduce the size, therefore reduce your electrical costs, and it will allow you to spend more time enjoying your pond rather than trying to figure out what’s not working.      


Fully Insured and Licensed HICPA #PA163501

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