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Sound Shore Pond

Large Farm Pond & Lake Services

Wading River, (North Fork), Suffolk County, Long Island (NY) 

Large Pond & Lake Management

Sound Shore Pond

Large Pond & Lake Management


Lakes & Ponds in Suffolk & Nassau County, New York require regular maintenance to fully function as intended and to prevent more costly repairs and retrofitting in the future. We regularly inspect these ponds & lakes and maintain them to keep them clean and healthy all season long.


At Sound Shore Pond we offer a wide array of water feature installation services, from ecosystem pondspondless waterfallsfountainscapes, to maintenance services like, pond cleaningrepairalgae control, and water feature renovations. We even can help you with large pond & lake management, including fountain installation and aeration.

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Routine maintenance of ponds & lakes in our area usually requires management of vegetation (terrestrial and aquatic), evaluation of erosion control measures, accumulated sediment removal, clearing of drainage mechanisms, and removal of debris and trash.


Sound Shore Pond, serving the Suffolk & Nassau County, NY area, also installs fountains and aeration systems in large ponds & lakes. This is an important part of the best way to manage your large pond or lake, and keep it as healthy and beautiful as possible.

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