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Sound Shore Pond

Airmax ​Large Pond & Lake Fountain Aerators Sales / Installations / Service

Wading River, (North Fork), Suffolk County, Long Island (NY) 

Pond & Lake Fountains

Sound Shore Pond

Pond & Lake Fountains


Sound Shore Pond in the Suffolk & Nassau County area of Long Island, NY, sells, installs, and maintains Airmax floating fountain aerators for all size natural ponds & lakes. Fountains are mostly viewed as an aesthetic addition to an otherwise quiet body of water, but play a vital role in the overall health of your otherwise stagnant pond or lake. The movement of the surface of the water, combined with aeration, from above and below the water's surface is key to the overall ecosystem's survival.


The EcoSeries™ Floating Fountain


The EcoSeries™ Floating Fountain showcases beautiful industry-leading spray patterns that outmatch other 3/4 HP and 1 HP fountains. The EcoSeries™ Fountain operates in as little as 24″ of depth and includes an energy-efficient 1/2 HP motor, 3 spray patterns, control panel and comes standard with 100′ of the power cord. The EcoSeries™ Fountain is also available in 150′, 200′, 250′, 300′, 350′ or 400′ power cord lengths and includes a 3 Year Warranty. The included control panel is set up to run your fountain and the optional LED Light Set.


EcoSeries™ Included Spray Patterns


The EcoSeries™ Fountain comes standard with 3 spray patterns: Classic, Trumpet, and Crown & Trumpet. LED Lights NOT INCLUDED. Contact us for more information about adding floating fountains to your large pond or lake.



The EcoSeries™ Premium Spray Patterns


The EcoSeries™ Premium Spray Patterns offer unique choices for the pond owner. The Single Arch Spray Pattern has heavy streams providing a formal visual display and soothing ambiance. The Double Arch pattern provides two overlapping arch patterns to create a stunning visual presentation, which is a perfect fit for larger ponds. The Double Arch & Geyser pattern combines the overlapping double arch with a gushing center geyser to create an awe-inspiring display.


The adjustable above waterline design and completely sealed light housing ensure a maintenance-free operation. Lights easily clip onto the EcoSeries™ float making for a fast installation with no tools required. All light sets come standard with 100′ power cord and strain relief; 150′, 200′, 250′, 300′, 350′ and 400′ power cord lengths are available. All light sets also include an underwater disconnect and stainless steel braiding between light fixtures and power leads to protect the power cord. Available in 2, 4, and 8 Light Sets. 3-year warranty.
*Want more protection for your power cord? Optional poly flex and stainless-steel cord protective sleeves are available.


RGBW Color-Changing LED Fountain Light Sets


Create a breathtaking atmosphere in your own Suffolk & Nassau County, Long Island, New York area backyard, with Airmax® RGBW Color-Changing LED Light Sets. Now you can set the mood by changing the color including: white, blue, green, red, and more. The Airmax® RGBW Color-Changing LED Light Set is run by a wireless remote with a range of up to 200ft. The wireless remote allows you to change colors, dim/brighten the lights, control flash speed and run up to 9 preset programs. Requires: 2 AAA Batteries (Included).


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