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TJB Inc.

Large Natural Pond & Lake Aeration, Fountains & Aquatic Plant Bog Filtration Contractors 

Hamden, (CT) Connecticut Serving New Haven & Surrounding areas

Pond & Lake Aeration-Fountains

TJB Inc.

Pond & Lake Aeration-Fountains


Pond & Lake Aeration


TJB Inc., serving Hamden, New Haven County, Central Connecticut (CT) area, uses Pond & Lake aeration systems that utilize a shore-mounted air pump, that pumps compressed air to an air diffuser plate on the pond’s bottom. As the air rises from the diffuser plate at the bottom, it creates a convection air current that slowly and steadily turns the water body over. Bringing the deeper waters up to the top of your pond to interact with the natural air, not only adds oxygen to the water, but helps circulate as well. It is this rapid turnover of water and interaction that lies at the heart of the Aeration System.


There are a variety of pond aeration systems on the market, including diffused pond aerators, that consist of an air bubbler or diffuser that generates and disperses oxygen bubbles into the bottom of the pond up to the top. The air diffuser is connected to an air tubing (usually weighted tubing that sinks and doesn't float) and then connected to an air compressor (or called an air generator pump ) on the shore. A high-volume surface aerator is actually a floating pump that rapidly mixes the water and collects air molecules and rapidly adds them to the water. TJB Inc. can give you the ideas you need to get started.


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Pond & Lake Fountains


TJB Inc. installs Floating Decorative Pond Fountains, which can be very beautiful, as well as beneficial, to all aquatic life, they help replenish the supply of oxygen which usually is lacking in stagnant ponds. The constant circulation of water helps in the process of de-stratification, or in other words...helps break up the column of water in the pond (normally the upper 4-6 feet portions of the pond) where most of the algae growth begins. Floating Fountains help to eliminate odors and other pests that are normally found in stagnant water.


A lack of oxygen in water is what ultimately causes excessive fish kills, foul odors, and excessive algae growth and creates stagnant vegetation. But a floating pond fountain actually adds oxygen to your pond. The simple motion of flowing water controls the build-up of algae, sludge, and weeds without costly or dangerous chemicals. Less stagnant water means fewer mosquitoes and other annoying insects. Not to mention the extra oxygen in the water promotes healthier fish and other wildlife. The floating fountain's beautiful sprays look like something you would see in a resort or golf course, and if you choose the underwater lighting options, it will be a magical presence at night.


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Aquatic Bog Filtration


The Aquatic plant Bog type filters that TJB Inc. installs, in the Hamden, New Haven County, (CT) area, for larger natural ponds have grown in popularity over the last couple of years, mainly because of their natural look and aesthetic appeal, using bog plants. A constructed wetland filter works just like a biological filter, but instead of creating a waterfall; it creates an area in your pond thick with naturally-filtering plants, as well as rocks and gravel, which provide a surface for bacterial colonization … nature’s perfect filters. One of the greatest things about wetland filtration is that it can be used with almost any pond. There are no size limitations because it acts as your biological filtration. The plants, rocks, and gravel act as the filtration media, similar to what you see in nature.


Wetland filtration balances out your water very well, sometimes better than the biological filter, and once it is balanced, your pond will require less water treatment application. If you currently have a larger pond with more than one biological filter, the financial benefits of the constructed wetland system will make your pocketbook pretty happy. If you only have one waterfall, the energy consumption is about the same, but if you have multiple waterfalls, powered by multiple pumps, you can save money by using the wetland system instead.


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