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Aqua Escapes

Pond & Water Feature Renovation Services Contractor​

Serving San Antonio, (Bexar County) & Alamo Ranch, Texas Area

Aqua Escapes

Pond Renovation-Repair


In Our Experience, It Can Cost Up To 60% More To "Band-Aid" Pond Problems, Vs. Rebuild or Renovate Them When First Diagnosed.


It's sad but true, our primary business at AquaEscapes LLC, serving the San Antonio/Alamo Ranch (Bexar County), Texas (TX) area,​ is fish pond and waterfall renovations and maintaining existing area ponds to make them function properly. Some of these ponds installed by other areas' "professional" pond installers or landscapers leave little to be desired, and loads of problems and issues that drive people crazy. This frustration will force them to look for help, but usually, only after sinking thousands of dollars into problems that compound themselves over time.


Chasing leaks, lack of maintenance, green water issues, Plumbing problems, waterfall leaks, concrete cracks, exposed liner holes, and repairs, string algae, unsafe rock edges, collapsing waterfalls, and pond edges, exposed wires, lights full of water, unsightly installations, missing contractors, landscapers, general contractors, or neighbor's friends, who built your pond and walked away from the issues...


Our team at AquaEscapes LLC, has chased them all. Sometimes without end.....
These experiences have added up to thousands of wasted dollars by people who are trying to cost effectively fix their pond issues with Band aids. ​Contact Us today and we can help solve your issues with a lot less hassle!

Most Older Ponds Will Need A Renovation Sooner Or Later

Sometimes a poorly-built, poorly-equipped, or poorly-maintained pond may suffer from any number of potential problems, including leaks, persistent algae, excessive debris, unpleasant water smell, and/or unhealthy conditions for plants or fish. In these conditions, it may be best to request an estimate on a “complete renovation” of your pond. We can identify what remedies will best suit your needs. We’ll change your pond into an elegant work of art. Contact us to schedule an estimate for a pond renovation on your San Antonio, Alamo Ranch, Texas & surrounding areas pond or water feature.

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